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Have you ever wondered why you privacy rights? In Minnesota, privacy laws relating to health care are some of the most patient protective in our country. Without a doubt, it provides more protection for patients than the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). If someone has violated your rights, the Minnesota Health Records Act allows you to not only recover compensation for the damages caused, but ensures that the culpable party pays all your attorney fees and costs of bringing the lawsuit.

You have a right to privacy and we intend to help you enforce it.

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The health care that you receive is often very personal, and there is no reason that private information should get into unauthorized hands. At Capitol City Law Group, LLC, we understand this important and sensitive issue and will gladly represent clients who have a valid case. Our St. Paul law firm is ready to represent you and ensure that you recover the compensation you are owed, either through negotiations or a lawsuit.

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