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Drug Possession

Dismissed - 7/14/2017

CCLAWG attorney successfully got a federal drug possession case dismissed. Their client avoids at least 10 years in jail.

Intentional Murder

Overturned - 7/14/2017

CCLAWG tried a murder case in 2015. The client was acquitted of intentional murder but ended up being convicted of unintentional murder. With the skilled trial work of CCLAWG, the Court of Appeals, in a rare reversal, overturned the convictions.

Sex Trafficking

Dismissed - 5/12/2017

CCLAWG was successful in getting a sex trafficking case dismissed. The prosecution offered probation but CCLAWG tried the case to a jury. After the jury hung the case, it was ultimately dismissed.

Drunk Driving

Reversed - 1/1/2017

CCLAWG wins a reversal of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court reversed the 8th Circuits decision on a Fourth Amendment violation in a drunk driving case. After the reversal the parties settled the matter to CCLAWG’s client great satisfaction.

Privacy Violation

Dismissed - 1/1/2017

CCLAWG settles a privacy disclosure against major health care provider for an undisclosed sum. The provider sent CCLAWG’s client’s medical records to a third-party without client’s consent.

First Degree Sex Trafficking

Released - 1/1/2017

CCLAWG represented an individual charged with First Degree Sex Trafficking and multiple counts of Promotion of prostitution in the second degree. After a five day trial, the jury could not reach a decision and the Court released the client.

Sexual harassment and Sexual Assault


Student accused of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in violation of the University of Minnesota polices. CCLAWG represented student before the University of Minnesota.

Mistreatment of Resident or Patient and also Criminal Neglect


Our client was charged with Mistreatment of Resident or Patient and also Criminal Neglect. We took over her representation and filed for the charges to be dismissed. After a contested hearing and a Memorandum of Law explaining our position, the court agreed and dismissed all charges against her. Our client walked away without a conviction and not one day in jail.

Felon in Possession

Departure to Probation - 4/22/2016

Our client, Mr. Jones, was charged with Felon in Possession involving a shooting at a local bar. The sentence in this type of case is MANDATORY 60 months in prison for anyone charged with Felon in Possession. We filed a Motion for a Dispositional Departure on his behalf arguing that he should not got to prison. Based on our arguments, the court granted the departure to probation. The client will not be sent to prison. In fact, he will not have to spend more than the 4 days already served. Client, with tears of joy in his eyes, walked out of court a happy and free man.

2nd Degree Drugs Possession

Not guilty - 2/5/2016

Description: Defendant is under surveillance by the Dakota County Drug Task Force for suspected drug sales. He is stopped alone in his car and his car is searched. Police discover over 6 grams of methamphetamine in his car. He is charged with 2nd Degree Drug Possession. Case is taken to trial. Jury finds the defendant not guilty in 3 hours.

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