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The government’s “War on Drugs” wages on. The penalties are often considered draconian and the law favors the government. Our St. Paul criminal defense lawyers will exhaust all of our resources to help you minimize the impact of your drug charge on your future.

Some of the drug-related charges that we can provide a defense for include:

  • Possession
  • Sale
  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing
  • Trafficking or distribution
  • Prescription drug fraud

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Whether you have been charged with misdemeanor possession or a major felony, you face the possibility of jail or prison time and hefty fines. In addition to this, some of your basic privileges as a citizen may be in jeopardy, including the right to own or carry a firearm, the right to vote, and even the right to drive a motor vehicle. If convicted of a drug crime, having a permanent criminal record can also negatively impact your ability to keep your current job, find future employment, obtain government assistance, apply for a loan, and more.

Drug Crime Arrest Statistics

According to the Bureau of Justice, the estimated number of arrests for drug crime violations has been increasing over the years, especially among adults. In 1987, drug arrests accounted for just 7.4% of all arrests which were reported to the FBI. In the year 2007, drug arrests rose to 13.0% of arrests.

It is apparent that law enforcement takes drug offenses seriously and will do whatever it can to get you the highest sentence possible. We will strive to get your case successfully handled and help you achieve the best possible outcome. Make sure you have every available resource in your corner, pick up the phone and contact our St. Paul criminal defense lawyers!

Don't Accept Defeat with Your Drug Crime Case

Simply being arrested for a drug crime does not necessarily mean that you are guilty. Law enforcement officials are often susceptible to making mistakes, poorly handling investigations, and violating basic arrest procedures. From improper searches to racial profiling, we understand that, sometimes, an arrest should never have been made in the first place. We can investigate your arrest on your behalf to identify whether your rights were violated.

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Our Saint Paul criminal lawyers have extensive experience representing clients charged with drug crimes. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest defense techniques and we've developed effective resources to help you where law enforcement went overboard. We strive to have charges dismissed before trial, but we are not afraid to force the government to prove its case at trial. After all, we are trial lawyers.

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