May 15, 2020
Failed a Chemical Test

Ask a St. Paul Criminal Defense Attorney: If I Failed a Chemical Test, Am I Going to Jail?

It is much easier for Ramsey County prosecutors to convict defendants who provided chemical samples. Minnesota has a per se DWI law. Defendants with a BAC […]
March 29, 2020
DWI Checkpoints

Ask a St. Paul Criminal Defense Lawyer: Are DWI Checkpoints Legal in Minnesota?

For many years, this legal area was very unsettled. Finally, in 1990’s Michigan Department of State Police v. Sitz, the Supreme Court ended these questions and […]
March 14, 2020
Criminal Defense Attorneys

DWI FSTs and St. Paul Criminal Defense Attorneys

The DWI Field Sobriety Tests are an important component of almost all these prosecutions. If the defendant provided a chemical sample, the FSTs generally serve as […]
February 28, 2020
Lawyer Represent Me at the ALR Hearing

Should a St. Paul DWI Lawyer Represent Me at the ALR Hearing?

Most lawyer TV shows and movies feature tense courtroom showdowns. In the real world, such confrontations are rare. In fact, less than 2 percent of all […]
February 14, 2020

Five Non-Intoxication Defenses and St. Paul DWI Defense Lawyers

Frequently, intoxication is the only issue in a DWI case. Generally, prosecutors can use either direct or circumstantial evidence to establish intoxication. Defendants whose BAC level […]
January 30, 2020
Drugged Driving Charges

Drugged Driving Charges and St. Paul Drug Crime Defense Lawyers

Drugged driving concerns may be the reason that the marijuana legalization push has stalled. According to one study, the drugged driving rate increased 94 percent in […]
January 25, 2020
DWI Lawyer

Should a St. Paul DWI Lawyer Represent Me at the ALR Hearing?

At first blush, attorney representation at the Administrative License Revocation hearing seems like a waste of time. The deck is stacked against the defendant. The administrative […]
January 20, 2020
Breath Test

If I Took a Breath Test, Can a St. Paul DWI Defense Attorney Still Help Me?

Generally, when someone with a gun asks you to do something, you do it. So, roughly 80 percent of DWI suspects provide chemical samples. Minnesota, like […]
December 18, 2019

St. Paul Criminal Defense Lawyers and DWI FSTs

Whether or not the defendant provides a chemical sample, the Field Sobriety Tests often play a significant role in DWI cases. The FSTs may serve as […]