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In movies and TV shows, most armed robbers are masked men who burst into banks, demand money at gunpoint, and rush out with wads of cash. But in Minnesota, neither robbery or an arm is an element of armed robbery. Threats of violence and the suggestion of a weapon often lead to a long prison term. And, things like threats and suggestions are very subjective.

The experienced St. Paul criminal defense attorneys at Capitol City Law Group routinely handle armed robbery and other serious felony matters. Over the years, we have developed proven expertise in managing these cases effectively. Pretrial release is our first priority. Incarceration has negative impacts on both your family and your legal defense. Next, we gather the facts and research the law. This process involves interviewing witnesses, going back over the physical evidence, and digging deep to find legal precedent that supports your defenses.

All this preparation means nothing unless your St. Paul criminal defense attorney also aggressively advocates for you. So, at Capitol City Law Group, we stand up for people who are accused of armed robbery and other serious crimes. During both court hearings and in pretrial negotiation sessions, our St. Paul Armed Robbery Lawyers are committed to the best possible results under the most challenging circumstances.

Possible Armed Robbery Charges in Minnesota

Section 609.245 details both first and second degree aggravated robbery. First-degree aggravated robbery is a more familiar bursting-in-while-brandishing-guns form of armed robbery. It applies if the defendant uses “a dangerous weapon or any article used or fashioned in a manner to lead the victim to reasonably believe it is a dangerous weapon.” An actual gun, unloaded gun, toy gun, or finger protruding from underneath a hoodie all qualify as first-degree aggravated robbery.

Second-degree aggravated robbery involves threats of violence or implication that a dangerous weapon may be involved. The maximum sentence under Subdivision 2 is a little shorter than Subdivision 1, but it is not much shorter.

Both substantive and procedural defenses armed robbery defenses are available. Eyewitnesses are often mistaken, security camera footage is often blurry, and tests that link a weapon to a defendant are often inaccurate. Procedural defenses include the failure to obtain search warrants or failure to advise defendants of their rights.

Rely on Our Aggressive Armed Robbery Defense Lawyers

Even if you did not have a dangerous weapon and stole a small amount of property, the aggressive Ramsey County prosecutors will press armed robbery charges, and there is a good chance the allegations will hold up in court.

If that’s the case, you need an experienced and dedicated St. Paul criminal defense attorney. Rely on Capitol City Law Group, LLC for a strong representation in court. To connect with us, go online now, call us at (651) 998-7634, or stop by 287 6th St E, Suite 20, St. Paul, MN 55101.



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