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Many violent crimes in Minnesota, such as burglary, murder, or rape, involve at least some preparation or planning. But typically, assault is not like that. Generally, a passionate argument gets out of control for a moment or two, and that brief time period makes all the difference. Even a misdemeanor assault conviction could mean extended court supervision, high fines, and other stiff penalties. Felony assault is much, much worse.

At Capitol City Law Group, our experienced St. Paul criminal defense attorneys do not believe that such a brief letdown should lead to such severe consequences. So, we zealously advocate for assault defendants in Ramsey County and nearby jurisdictions. We do not stop fighting for you until we achieve the best possible result under the circumstances. You are not entitled to anything less.

Types of Assault in Minneapolis

Minnesota assault laws are incredibly complex and often overlapping. If there is any evidence of aggravating circumstances, prosecutors almost always upgrade the charges. Sometimes, this over-aggressive nature turns out to be their undoing.

  • Fifth-Degree Assault: Contrary to popular myth, a defendant need not cause bodily injury to be convicted of misdemeanor assault. The law only requires an intent to injure or that the alleged victim be afraid of injury. However, unless there is some physical evidence of injury, like a red mark, these charges are difficult to prove in court.
  • Fourth-Degree Assault: This offense is basically the same as fifth-degree assault, except that in fourth-degree cases, the alleged victim must be a police officer or other public servant. Moreover, the defendant must have a “personal bias” against the alleged victim. Status is easy to prove in court, but bias is a different matter.
  • Fourth-Degree Assault: If the defendant inflicts substantial bodily harm on the victim, which basically means that the defendant put the victim in the hospital, felony assault charges may be forthcoming.
  • Second-Degree Assault: Other than fifth-degree assault, this type of assault is probably the most commonly-charged type of assault in Ramsey County. It applies if the defendant allegedly used a dangerous weapon. Pretty much any object, like a phone or a frying pan, can be a dangerous weapon. The weapon must be capable of inflicting great bodily harm, but there’s no requirement that the defendant actually cause such harm.
  • First-Degree Assault: Prosecutors must establish great bodily harm to make first-degree charges hold up in court. “Great bodily harm” basically means putting someone in a coma. Prosecutors may also bring first-degree assault charges if the defendant used deadly force against a prison guard or police officer.

Most of these prosecutions rely heavily upon civilian witnesses. Many times, after several months or years pass, the alleged victim either loses interest in the criminal case or moves outside the court’s subpoena range.

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Complex assault crimes carry heavy possible penalties, but there are a number of defenses available. So, there is no reason to roll over and give up.

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