St. Paul Domestic Violence Lawyers

Few violent criminal charges have more long-reaching effects that domestic violence charges. They carry weight in three different forums. In addition to criminal penalties, domestic violence convictions often mean burdensome restraining orders and negative effects in current and future family law cases. Without an aggressive and dedicated attorney, this three-headed monster may alter your life in ways you cannot imagine.

Because domestic violence is still a hot-button political issue, Ramsey County prosecutors usually stop at nothing to obtain convictions in these cases. So, the assertive St. Paul criminal defense attorneys at Capitol City Law Group pull out all the stops to defend you in court. We understand the gravity of these charges. Therefore, our team of domestic violence lawyers in St. Paul use proven methods to deal with them effectively. Many times, these methods result in a plea to a lesser-included offense or the outright dismissal of charges.

Some Defenses to MN Domestic Assault Charges

Complex Section 609.2242 charges often involve both procedural and substantive defenses. These defenses often minimize or eliminate the negative consequences of domestic assault charges.

To make these charges stick, the alleged victim must belong to a protected class. Most domestic assault charges involve two people who are related by blood or marriage. These domestic relationships are relatively easy to establish in court.

But other domestic assault cases involve current or former roommates, or current or former dating partners. Such informal relationships are harder to prove. A one-night stand does not make two people roommates, and one or two dates does not constitute a dating relationship.

Similar to other types of assault cases, domestic violence prosecutions often hinge on non-police witnesses. Some alleged victims fully cooperate with prosecutors, but that is not always the case, especially after several months go by. Moreover, unless the defendant physically injured the alleged victim, these cases are difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Based on these defenses, and others like them, a St. Paul criminal defense lawyer is often able to get the charges reduced to fifth-degree assault. This offense is a misdemeanor, but it does not carry the same collateral consequences of domestic assault.

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Whether you face domestic assault charges in Ramsey County or a nearby jurisdiction, our St. Paul criminal defense lawyers stand ready to assist you. Such a conviction could haunt you in several different forums for many years to come, so it’s important to act now.

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