St. Paul Murder Lawyers

Although the death penalty is illegal in Minnesota and the state has not executed a criminal for over a hundred years, murder is by far the most serious criminal charge in the Gopher State. There are several different levels of murder in Minnesota, and they are all incredibly serious. In addition to the criminal penalties, the defendant and the defendant’s family must struggle with the “murderer” stigma. Because of these harsh direct and indirect murder consequences, if you face such charges, you need the best legal help available.

At Capitol City Law Group, our aggressive St. Paul criminal defense lawyers never back away from a fight, even when the opponent is the powerful Ramsey County District Attorneys office. In serious murder cases, prosecutors usually bring all the resources of their office to bear. For the most part, they are not interested in justice as an abstract concept. They are only interested in convicting the defendant. To have any hope of a favorable outcome, you need an equally single-minded attorney in your corner.

Murder Levels in St. Paul

Whenever possible, aggressive prosecutors bring first-degree murder charges against the defendant. Section 609.185 carries a mandatory life sentence, and these charges also give prosecutors additional leverage during plea negotiations. First-degree murder charges may hold up in court if:

  • Someone dies as the result of a felony or the conspiracy to commit a felony,
  • The defendant acted with premeditation,
  • The victim of domestic abuse died and the defendant has a criminal history in this area,
  • A drive-by shooting killed either the intended victim or a bystander, or
  • The victim was a police officer or other state employee.

In that last instance, prosecutors may bring first-degree murder charges even if the correctional worker or on-duty peace officer was only a bystander.

Second-degree murder is generally a fallback provision, as far as prosecutors are concerned. They usually only bring these charges if there is absolutely no circumstantial evidence that points to first-degree murder or the case has evidentiary problems.

Third-degree murder is a depraved or reckless killing. Pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger without knowing whether or not the gun is loaded is probably third-degree murder. DUI and vehicular homicide is generally manslaughter.

Team Up with Skilled Lawyers

A murder conviction may either follow you for the rest of your life or put you behind bars for the rest of your life. To avoid these consequences, you need an experienced St. Paul criminal defense lawyer by your side.

At Capitol City Law Group, LLC, our aggressive St. Paul murder defense attorneys strive to protect your rights and legacy against serious murder charges. We routinely handle matters in Ramsey County and nearby jurisdictions. So, if you need legal help, go online now, call us at (651) 998-7634, or stop by 287 6th St E, Suite 20, St. Paul, MN 55101.



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