Marcus Almon is an accomplished criminal trial lawyer with more than a decade of courtroom experience. He is licensed to practice in both state and federal courts. Marcus has tried just about every kind of criminal case there is: from drunk-driving offenses to murder.

And he wins (which means his clients win). Sometimes he wins at trial, sometimes he wins by getting the case dismissed before trial, and sometimes he wins at sentencing. But he wins.

What sets Marcus apart from other criminal defense attorneys is that he knows the inner-workings of the court system. While in law school (and sometime after) Marcus worked at Ramsey County prosecutor’s office and then worked for the former chief judge of the county.

He knows the prosecutors. He knows the judges. He knows the probation officers. And they know him; they know that he is smart, he is practical, and he is Ready.

Marcus Almon is running for judge of the Ramsey County District Court District 2, Seat 14. Visit almonforjudge.com for more information about the campaign and to find out how you can help!


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