Capitol City Law Group, LLC: Defending Your Rights Throughout Minnesota

At Capitol City Law Group, LLC, our firm is focused on representing employees who have been mistreated, criminal defendants who are being prosecuted, and citizens who have had their basic civil rights violated. No one is more serious about looking out for your rights under state, federal, and constitutional law. Put simply: if you’re back is against the ropes, we are the trial lawyers who will fight for you.

Our firm welcomes cases in the following practice areas:

  • Criminal Defense: No matter the severity of the crime you have been charged with, it is the burden of the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you committed the crime in question. We make this as difficult as possible for them to do, while protecting your rights.
  • Civil Rights: The government can get out of hand and can take your property without due process, arrest without cause, use excessive or unlawful force against you. But it will not get away with it if you call Capitol City Law Group, LLC. You may feel like nobody is on your side, but we are. We are passionate about protecting the civil rights of our clients, that means you.
  • Health Privacy Rights: The State of Minnesota is even more protective or patient’s rights that the federal act designed to provide your right to health privacy. If sensitive information regarding your health is put in the wrong hands, our firm can advocate for you.
  • Consumer Protection: In every major area of commerce, there are those that try to take advantage of consumers to make a quick buck. We are on your side when you fall victim of fraudulent trade practices, harmful products, mortgage fraud, or deceptive advertising.
  • Employment law: We are on a steady march to protect workers from employers who cheat their employees out of their fair pay, interfere with the employee’s right to be absent for work, or who discriminate against employees. Not on our watch; not to our clients.

Saint Paul Lawyers – Serving Clients Across Minnesota

We are based in Saint Paul but we welcome clients all across Twin Cities; from Minneapolis to Mahtomedi to Maplewood. From Saint Paul to Shakopee, to Saint Louis Park—and beyond.

Whether you are experiencing discrimination at work, accused of a crime, or the government has violated your civil rights, we are the trial lawyers you want in your corner. No matter the case, we are your game-changing trial lawyers.

If you are interested in speaking with our Saint Paul attorneys, feel free to request a free case consultation. During this half-hour consultation, we can review the details of your matter, educate you on your expectations, and provide a realistic assessment of what you can expect. We encourage you to bring as much written evidence or support for your claim to this meeting.

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We are passionate about standing up for the underdog and helping to make sure that their rights are protected. Get started with a completely free and no-obligation case consultation with our dedicated team.