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You have been accused of a sex crime and now your world is upside-down. The public shames you, the prosecutor wants to railroad you, but we will stand by you. You have not lost your rights to a fair and aggressive defense because someone has made an accusation. You need seasoned trial lawyers who will stand against the tide.

Because of the laws and public opinion regarding sexual offenses, a conviction can lead to serious consequences that affect you for the rest of your life. The stigma alone attached to individuals accused of sex crimes is devastating.

False Accusations of a Sex Crime

Accusations of committing a sex crime can happen for a variety of reasons. From anger in the heat of a domestic dispute to issues during divorce or child custody proceedings, false claims do occur and innocent victims often suffer the consequences.

Do not plead guilty just because you are afraid. Call our experienced St. Paul criminal defense attorneys at your side to help defend you against the charges. We are a team of proven trial lawyers who fight aggressively for our clients.

Have you been charged with one of the following sex crimes? If so, call our firm today.

    • Sexual assault or battery
    • Rape
    • Pimping
    • Internet sex crimes
    • Solicitation of a sex act
    • Prostitution

Fighting to Keep You Off the Sex Offender Registry

One of the most difficult parts to deal with after being convicted of a sex crime is being put on the sex offender registry. This registry makes your personal information available to the public. Getting off this list is often very difficult, leading to long-term negative consequences in both your personal and professional life.

One of our top priorities of our firm is to keep you off the sex offender registry and to help make sure your future is not affected as a result of these accusations. The best way to avoid registering is to win at trial. That means you need the help of our experienced St. Paul criminal defense lawyers.

We read every piece of evidence, challenge every witness and evidence, and find inconsistencies within the prosecution’s case. We work hard to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether before trial. If this is not an option, we are also fully prepared to fight for a not guilty verdict before a jury.

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