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For prosecutors, manslaughter charges are much easier to prove in court than murder charges. And, for the most part, the sentences are almost as long. So, manslaughter is one of the most commonly-charged homicide cases in Ramsey County. Furthermore, by their very nature, manslaughter cases are factually complex. It is very easy for inexperienced lawyers to get bogged down in the details.

But the diligent Manslaughter Lawyers at Capitol City Law Group never get bogged down in the details. We pay close attention to them, but we never lose sight of the big picture. We research the law and examine the facts so we may secure the best possible result in your particular case. That result could be a not-guilty verdict at trial, complete dismissal of charges, or a plea to assault or another lesser-included offense.

Manslaughter Charges in Ramsey County

Under Minnesota law, there are two degrees of manslaughter cases. There is also a separate federal manslaughter statute.

First-degree manslaughter is basically a crime of passion killing. A surge of adrenaline takes over the defendant and compels the criminal act. Certain drug-related homicides are also charges as first-degree manslaughter.

Most negligent killings result in second-degree manslaughter charges. This category often includes DUI manslaughter and other fatal car accidents. Legally, an intoxicated person cannot formulate the necessary intent for murder.

These charges are very fact-specific. Prosecutors must establish not only the killing, but all the circumstances leading up to the killing. It is very difficult to weave a story like this in court, especially since the prosecutor has such as heavy burden of proof. If there are any significant gaps, a Ramsey County jury will probably return a not-guilty verdict.

Additionally, all the traditional murder defenses are available in manslaughter cases. That includes self-defense and other doctrines. If any of these defenses apply, the accused may be not guilty as a matter of law.

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